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Earn at Clixsense - one of the leaders in ad clicking job industry

Clixsense is a genuine free online earning program to earn money for doing simple online jobs.  You can earn money for clicking and watching Ads displayed by advertisers, taking daily cash surveys, completing various easy online tasks and many other similar easy online jobs. They are paying members since 2007 without any issue and has already paid over $6 million to over 4 million members.

Earn from : Clicking and watching Ads, Surveys, Tasks, Offers, CLix Grid and 7 level affiliate program.

Here below the step-by-step guide on how to register free and start earning money immediately.


Free Registration.

Register your free account by clicking the register button below. The website will open in a new tab/window.

join clixsense


On the home page itself, your free registration page will be displayed as below. Enter your first and last name, your personal email address, a secret password for logging into your account and lastly your chosen username and click on the sign up button.


Member sign in - Go to clixsense home page and click on sign in button at the top navigation bar. Fill out your username and password.

sign in to clixsense

Now you are logged in and start making easy money.


Earn by clicking and watching Ads.

view ads at clixsense

Click on the view Ads button available at the top of your account home page. You will see all the available Ads for the moment. There are four different types of Ads - Micro, Mini, Standard and Extended. Each type of Ad has different click value. The amount of Ad per click ranges from $0.001 up to $0.02. 

When you click an Advertisement, the page will open in a new window. This is the advertisers website. Now before the timer starts, you will have to solve a GAPTCHA to proof that you are a real human. You will be shown 5 images - 4 dogs and 1 cat and you have to click on the cat to start the count down timer.

solve captcha at clixsense

The timer varies from 3 seconds to 30 seconds depending on the type of Ad you are watching. When the timer ends, you have earned cash for that Ad. 


Earn from Daily Cash Surveys.

surveys at clixsense

Each day different surveys will be available for you to complete. You can participate in those surveys and earn instant cash for every successful completion of survey. 


Complete Easy Tasks and Offers.

This is an easy and quick way to maximize your daily earnings at clixsense. The amount you can earn per every successful completion of a task ranges from $0.01 up to $2. 

tasks at clixsense

Apart from tasks, you can also earn money by completing free offers available every single day and get up to $5 for every successful completion of an offer.


Earn from Clix Grid.

clixsense clix grid game

Clix Grid is an easy game to play. Just click anywhere on the picture that it displays and have a chance to win up to $10 that will go instantly to your clixsense account balance. Each click will open the advertiser's website in a new window. You must view the website for few seconds after which you will know if you have won or not.  


Affiliate Program.

This is what truly is the real power of clixsense. They have an amazing 7 level affiliate program. You have an opportunity to start earning a passive income online by participating in their affiliate program. All you need to do is simple -start referring your friends and family to clixsense using your unique affiliate url. Once they join clixsense by following your affiliate link, they will be your direct referrals. Start earning commissions whenever your direct referrals click advertisements, complete tasks and offers, purchase advertising and upgrades up to 7 level deep. 


Getting Paid.

Clixsense pays on every Monday and Friday. The minimum payment for standard members is $8 and $6 for premium members. They pay through Payza, Neteller, Paytoo, Payooner and Check.

A Brief Summary

Earning optionsAd clickingSurveysClix gridTasksAffiliate program
Earning rate$0.001-$0.02$0.5-$2Up to $10$0.01-$0.5Unlimited 
Minimum payment$8 for standard users and $6 for premium users
Payment processorPayza, Neteller, Skrill, Payoneer, Paytoo and check
Payment timeEvery Monday and Friday

Below is my latest payment from Clixsense

clixsense payment

Join clixsense free

Earn even more at clixsense by following below useful tips

  • Download clixAddon. What is clixAddon? it is a browser extension that notifies you of new PTC ads, surveys, tasks as they become available. Members who use clixAddon are likely to get more earning offers earlier than others.
  • Complete daily check list and get a cash bonus that goes directly to your clixsense account. In order to complete this daily check list, you need to click at least 6 Ads, 20 clix grid Ads, visit forum and complete at least 2 offers or surveys.


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I wish to join but i think here in the Philippines we do not have those companies mentioned for the pay out. I guess we only have Paypal ,, Paymaya

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