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Beginners Guide to Paid to Click

This guide is for those who have little or no knowledge about PTC industry and want to start.

Paid to Click is a form of marketing where advertisers pay you to visit their websites. In simple terms, you click on an Ad and you get paid for it. Companies, small businesses and individuals spend billions of dollars on the internet for marketing of goods and services. Many advertising companies take these advertisements for a fee and pay a portion of the advertising income to members to click and view these advertisements. The advertising companies are called PTC or Paid to Click companies. They allow individuals looking to earn some extra income working online to join their websites for free and start earning money by clicking and viewing their advertisers websites. 

The amount of money you earn by clicking on an Ad can very from 0.1 cent to 2 cent for viewing the Ad for few seconds which is normally from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

Simply clicking on Ads daily by yourself will make you very little money which is not worth your time and energy. Almost all the PTC companies offer an affiliate program  where you earn money from referrals. This is what we can call the true earning potential of Ad clicking jobs. Besides upgrading your free account to a paid account will take you to higher earning level. All these depend on your needs and financial goals. 


A referral is a member who makes money for you. A referral can be either direct or rented one. 

1. Direct referral : A direct referral is a person who joins a PTC program through your referral link. A member who is referred by you. They will remain your referrals forever and make you money whenever they perform activities like clicking Ads, upgrade account, make a purchase, etc.

2. Rented referral : A member who is not referred by anyone and rented by you for a fixed period of time; normally for 30 days. Generally PTC sites allow members to rent referrals at certain amount of fee. You earn a percentage of the money they make through clicking Ads. You can extend the expiry date of your rented referrals by paying a small fee if you find that they are making you profits.


As explained above, direct referrals are key to earning you a lot of money in Ad Clicking business. They are the backbone of your online Ad Clicking income. Getting direct referrals is the most important factor to keep in mind as long as you are in PTC business and looking to earn a lot of money. But the main question arises; how to get direct referrals?. The simple answer is - promote your unique affiliate link as all over the internet as possible.


Every PTC site sets a minimum amount of cash to request for cash out. The most preferred payment processors (e-currencies) that they support with is PAYPAL and PAYZA. In order to receive your payments, you should register an account each with Paypal and Payza.

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